Fruits for Great Skin

Ever  wondered how to get that glow back in your skin. Well, today we’re gonna look at some natural beauty hacks. Not the one you spend hundreds of dollars for, made by some billion dollar company. No, we’re talking about pure, undiluted skin care from the inside out. As you already know, what we put into our bodies will eventually show on our skin, be it good or bad. Here in the Caribbean we are indeed privileged to have most of these fruits at our finger tips, freshly picked with all the potent nutrients intact. Lets take a look at a few of these fruits that are definitely worth it.



Pineapple is a high source of vitamin C which is important to our skin and boost your immune system. Because of its collagen properties, when eaten regularly, your skin develops a natural glow. It evens out your skin tone and prevent fine lines and sun damage. It contains bromelain which prevents and treats acne, softens the skin and helps fight skin inflammation and swelling. Using fresh pineapple juice everyday is said to make your complexion fair. It also slows down the aging process of the skin because of it natural alpha hydroxy acid properties. Magnesium is also present in pineapple as well as folate, potassium, thiamine and manganese. When crush along with, it becomes a great face mask for clear skin. Don’t have pineapple at home ? Then you better go get some to last the week. Pineapple



The number one go to fruit for vitamin C. Oranges has always been a fruit introduced to most human beings from baby stages. Whether your given the juice or the actual fruit, it’s always a source of good vitamins. Its antioxidant properties does wonders for your immune system and your skin. Oranges help fight wrinkles and scars on the main organ of our body, your skin. Drinking fresh orange juice everyday or sucking fresh oranges everyday gives your skin the nutrients it needs to look youthful. Not only is the fruit good for our skin but so is the peel. Orange peel has whitening capabilities when applied to your skin. This helps to remove blemishes and even out skin tone. When you combine the peel with yogurt you have an effect face mask for blackheads. This is apart from all the calcium and antiflammatory properties this fruit has.

Coconut Water


This is one of the many wonders of this world. Coconut water has been known for its many nutritional value over the years. Apart from quenching your thirst and rehydrating your body, coconut water has also been very beneficial to our skin. All the vitamins and minerals this fruit holds, as well as electrolytes like potassium, are all essential for the human body. It contains lauric acid which helps fight skin infections and cytokines, which is a protein responsible for cell growth and cell activation. Washing your face with coconut water also reduces acne and clears blemishes as well.

Research has shown that drinking coconut water everyday improves the skin tone and softness while adding a smooth glow to your face. It also help regulate the body’s ph balance and is a natural toner or cleanser to the skin. It also heals sun damaged skin and fights again ageing. It’s also great for pregnant moms as well. So much is on the list when we talk about this fruit. If you live in the Caribbean like i do and you can have it everyday, your body and your skin would be in great health. You can do some research as well and see all the nutritional goodness in this super fruit, coconut water.


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